About Us

Real Venetian Plaster by Maksymilian Gorski provides custom Venetian plaster and Italian stucco applications, faux finishes and more. We can help you create exceptional atmosphere in your home or place of business. The possibilities are endless; we can produce any wall texture in any color. Just imagine your walls transformed to look like they are made of marble or as smooth as satin. Our experience and knowledge will help you find the right look for your environment. Today's technology allows us to create and recreate a variety of materials for decorating interior walls and ceilings. We can recreate historic materials produced for building castles for you to enjoy in your own home. As artists, our goal is to transform every project into a work of art that is unique and one-of-a-kind. Real Venetian Plaster by Maksymilian Gorski will accept jobs throughout the USA. The areas that we work in most frequently are Jackson Hole, WY and Teton Valley, ID.

Classically Trained Artisans

Our artisans originally hail from Europe, where we were classically trained in Italian plaster applications. Real Venetian Plaster by Maksymilian Gorski is now proud to offer our services in the United States, where we have been trained and certified by the School of Italian Plasters.

Services to Choose From

Real Venetian Plaster by Maksymilian Gorski offers the following services:

Quality Plasters Imported from Italy

The plasters that we use are the finest lime based and synthetic plasters available. They are produced in Italy and distributed in the United States only by authorized distributors.

Our plasters are decorative products of the Italian tradition made with formulas that have been handed down from generation to generation. Real Venetian Plaster by Maksymilian Gorski supports commitment to producing authentic Italian Plasters that will last a lifetime.